"Promoting evidence-based knowledge translation and learning in complex health systems"

In Learning Health Systems (LHS) evidence-based knowledge influences practice and practice-based evidence influences future research. The GW Learning Health Systems Lab (GWLHS) aims to stimulate growth of LHSs through education, research, and collaboration. With our national and international partners, we develop training, research and tools to promote knowledge translation and learning in and across complex health systems. We also educate the existing and future healthcare workforce to engage in LHSs toward improved health outcomes, quality, efficiency, and equity in care.

What We Do
Teacher pointing to medical diagram in front of students
Research in Learning Health Systems

Research in learning health systems focuses on the integration of data and evidence into healthcare delivery to continuously improve patient outcomes. These systems leverage electronic health records, real-time data analytics, and patient feedback to inform clinical decision-making and practice.

Researchers study the effectiveness of interventions, identify best practices, and implement quality improvement initiatives within healthcare settings. By fostering a culture of collaboration between clinicians, researchers, and patients, learning health systems aim to enhance the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare delivery while promoting innovation and learning within the healthcare ecosystem.

Doctor holding a tablet displaying various medical icons
Tools for Operationalizing Learning Health Systems

As part of a global initiative, members of the GWU LHS lab created the Learning Health Systems Toolkit that functions to provide tools to help organizations to operationalize learning health systems.